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FAQ: Databases

I'm trying to find a cool app to use to hook-up a backend database for my online forms. I'm surprised that there's really nothing else out there besides Seagreen to do this.
I'm tired of searching through my emails and working with massive Excel spreadsheets that are turning into wanna-be databases and getting corrupted all the time.
I'm pretty good at web design, HTML, and Flash, but databases scare me. Do I have to be a database god to use SeaGreen?
I REALLY hope you can help. If SeaGreen can do what it says, it might save me hundreds of hours a year. That would be huuuuge.

a. Yes, SeaGreen really can save you hundreds of hours! And the five-step interface is about as easy as it gets...
Although there are other ways to "hook-up" a database to your online forms, you either have to pay for the service (monthly fees for someone to create and host your database) or you have to know how to code in languages like PHP, ASP, or JSP as well as how to create database tables.
The unique thing about SeaGreen is that it uses the form you design (just click & drop the elements) to create the database tables for you. No coding required! SeaGreen also lets you design your administration module for searching and editing your data with just a few clicks of the mouse. If you've ever used phpMyAdmin, you'll appreciate how easy our admin module is to use.
Download our 30-day free trial and see for yourself.
Good luck!

b. I downloaded the trial version and it was able to leverage the MYSQL DB that comes with my ISP's hosting package. All I had to do was create a DB and a user, which took me maybe minutes. The form creation interface is intuitive and the HTML code was generated automatically. I like the admin module too. My newest form is up and running and I'm having way too much fun! Very slick...
I wish I had heard of SeaGreen 5 years ago when I was getting beaten up by clients that I had to put on the backburner while I was waiting for my DBA to make time for me. This is an elegant solution.
by Constantin Florea on Jun 13 2010 12:46pm Reply

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