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Posted in the SeaGreen Forum.

What's in store...

There are many features we know we want to add to future versions of SeaGreen.

For instance:
  • custom confirmation emails
  • central form manager
  • multiple email addresses for form responses
  • multi-page forms
Some of these may be appropriate for a more robust "Pro" version, but we hope to address the most popular of them at some point in some way.

What do YOU want SeaGreen to do?
by Constantin Florea on Jun 13 2010 1:04pm Reply

What's in store...

When constructing a form it is hard to create how large you want the form to be.  The scrolling function on "not yet created" documents is really a pain.  When you go below approximately 500 lines of space for the form it gets muddled up in the properties tab and you can not scroll beneath to create more very easily... it is possible but its just a pain.  I think this would be very easy to fix.
by Melissa Z on May 31 2011 9:18am Reply

What's in store...

I'd love to see the multi-page forms...
by Fritz Ferrante on Apr 17 2012 6:20pm Reply

What's in store...

I would like to see custom confirmation emails.  Is their any update on this or any way to do this on the back end files.

by jen hyde on Jul 31 2012 8:00pm Reply

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