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Multivalue Checkbox with validation?

Radio box can display on multiple columns but allows one value. Great

Is there a way to show check box with multiple columns and allow user to select more than 1 value.  ComboBox is close but it is a drop list.

by Sonny Ching on Jun 28 2010 9:44pm Reply

Multivalue Checkbox with validation?

I'm not quiet sure if I follow what you're trying to accomplish here, you can have multiple checkboxes on a form with no problems. Can you send me the URL of your published form so I can take a look?
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 1 2010 2:35pm Reply

Multivalue Checkbox with validation?

I'm not sure what you're trying to do.

Radio "boxes" only allow one value because that's the reason you use a radio button. For example, AM and PM would be a radio button because generally it's one or the other - not both.
Check boxes are used when you want to allow more than one value. You create them one at a time and arrange them (and name them) however you'd like.
You can also try a list box with "multiple" selected to allow for more than one choice as well as change the size of the box to accommodate as many list items as you wish to show at one time.
by Monique on Jul 3 2010 2:27pm Reply

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