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Posted in the SeaGreen Forum.

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The TV station I work at is using a Seagreen form to take complaints for your consumer protections department.

I thought attached documents come with an initial e-mail sent after a new submission, but that's not happening.

Are there any file size restrictions or any other reasons we're losing documents attached to a submission.

Chris Patterson
by Chris Patterson on Jul 1 2010 4:19pm Reply

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Chris, There should be no problem with file uploads. Are the files appearing in your database or in the admin module?
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 2 2010 10:21pm Reply

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Hello Chris!

Glad you're getting some use from your SeaGreen forms.

When people upload files to the database via the form, they are not attached to the confirmation email.

Any uploaded files are are uploaded to the server where the form lives. You can view uploaded files by logging into the database admin module.
There were too many potential difficulties and variables to make email attachments a feature of this basic version of SeaGreen.

Sorry for the inconvenience and confusion.
by Monique on Jul 3 2010 5:48pm Reply

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I'm having trouble accessing the attachments in my admin console. 
When I click the link to the file offered in my search results,
the browser just displays a URL of the file example

Have you seen anything like this before is there something
I need to do on my end so we can start looking at attached
documents? Thanks for whatever help you can offer.

by Chris Patterson on Jul 13 2010 7:19pm Reply

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The admin module will give you a LINK to where SeaGreen stored the attachment - it stores them on the server, not in the database itself (too many security risks).

You then have to open the link to see/download the uploaded files. If it's a file that cannot be viewed in a browser, you can right-click (or ctl+click) and "save target as."
by Monique on Jul 13 2010 9:51pm Reply

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Hi Monique:

I work with Chris Patterson and we are having issues in which our
spam filter blacklisted the address of incoming seagreen e-mails.

Could you provide me with the e-mail server IP and information wo that we can whitelist it and begin receiving e-mails?

Thanks !

Dan Wood
by Dickey Woodson on Aug 14 2012 7:17pm Reply

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The emails generated by a SeaGreen form are not sent via our server. They are sent via the PHP mail script found on the server that hosts your SeaGreen form. Your server and-or email administrators should be able to resolve this blacklist issue. If you have any old emails which did make it through, this information should be visible when you view the full header information.
by Monique SeaGreen Developer on Aug 14 2012 11:20pm Reply

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