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Sea Green How do i do spam control

I am looking to find out how to use am image or number to validate ie stop spam email in my for i see no option to enable this i.e. like this page with it "Re-enter the text shown in the image" then submit the form
by Patrick Mc Intyre on Jul 22 2010 1:49pm Reply

Sea Green How do i do spam control

Excellent question!

There are two ways to use SeaGreen's spam control feature: have a user match one field to another (such as confirming an email address) or have them enter a specific text string (which can be an image or text block).

Here's how you do it:

1. Create the field, image or text block you want your users to match. There are a few options:

          1a: Field Match: In the Form Layout step of SeaGreen place the field (usually a text field) you want your users to match onto the form grid. Name your field in the Properties panel - e.g., "email_address."

          1b. Text Match: Using the "Text" tool in the Form Layout step of SeaGreen, place a block of text onto the grid and type the code you want your users to enter. For example: "A1B2C3"

          1c. Image Match: If you want to use an image for your match validation, first create the image outside of SeaGreen in your favorite program (like Paint or Photoshop) - that image should contain the text you want users to match. Again, something like "A1B2C3" with some sort of background to disguise the image (as seen on this very forum). Using the "Image" tool in the Form Layout step of SeaGreen, place that image onto your form's grid.

2. Next, using the "Text Field" tool in Form Layout place a text field next to your field, code or image.

4. Right-click on that field and select "Other Validation Options" from the list and from the "Field Type" drop down list select "MATCH."

5. If you're having your users match one field to another, check the box next to "Select a Field" and select the field you want matched from the dropdown box. Note, you must have your field already on the grid for it to be available in this list. In our example above, you'd select "email_address."

If you're having your users match some text code or an image, select the second check box (selected by default) and enter the text exactly as you want them to enter it (remember, it is case sensitive).

If you wish, you can enter a note to users if they incorrectly match the field or code in the "Alert" field.

Click "OK" and you're done!

Users will have to make sure that what they enter meets your criteria or they will not be able to submit the form.

by Monique on Jul 23 2010 3:00pm Reply

Sea Green How do i do spam control

Thanks for your reply i will try this out and get back with my results
thanks again

O!!! I tried creating a database in helm my admin panel for my hosting but the seagreen application will ftp the files but create a database i created a DB MySql 5 database and a username in helm the app will not create a table when i publish ???

I did check the out in phpadmin if a db was created and the db was created   ??? at not point was i asked to set any Privileges for the use the helm panel will not give any such option  and in phpadmin I cant find where to set privileges  not the db in phpadmin has not table in it. (i assume this is to be created by seagreen )

O !! one other thing when i merge the form into a templated file (Contact_Us.htm) I have created for my site the form will not export to the htm file i.e. why it should do ???   
by Patrick Mc Intyre on Jul 23 2010 3:16pm Reply

Sea Green How do i do spam control

I'm sorry - I'm not really clear on what you're asking here.

But before creating a form with SeaGreen, you have to give your database a name, a username and a password. SeaGreen takes care of the rest.

When you create a form in SeaGreen and publish it via the Publish step, SeaGreen expands the .sea package onto your server and creates the form (a .php file) and all supporting files (javascript, css, etc) at that time. It also uses the database information you provide to the program to create your database.

The most common problems encountered with this are:

1. The database information you entered into SeaGreen is incorrect. Most commonly people enter the wrong database host name (not always "localhost") or username/password combination.

2. The user you create for use with the database may not have the proper permissions to write to the database. Your ISP should have instructions on how to properly establish read/write permissions for your database user.

With regard to your second question - when you merge a SeaGreen form with an HTML file, your form is now a PHP file and can be found with the name that you gave that form in the SeaGreen publish step.

So if you create a stand-alone form called "contact" - it will be found on your website by the name "contact.php." If you merge that form with a file named "Contact_Us.htm" your form will still be called "contact.php" because that's what you named it in SeaGreen. At no time will a SeaGreen form have an .htm or .html extension. It will always be a PHP file.

Once you've merged your form with your HTML file, you still need to publish that form via the SeaGreen publish interface.

by Monique on Jul 23 2010 4:11pm Reply

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