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Posted in the SeaGreen Forum.

When I update web page, i have to create new db for form to work


I have no problem using this, now that I have changed my web host.  But the issue I have is when I make changed to the form page, and upload I get this error:

"This form is temporarily unavailable.
Please inform the Form Administrator or site Webmaster."  

If I add a new db, then upload again, it all works.  

What am I doing wrong, how can I get this to work so I don't have to create a new db every time I make a change?
by Bernard A on Sep 5 2010 1:27pm Reply

When I update web page, i have to create new db for form to work

You're not doing anything wrong - you just need to reset the database schema. SeaGreen lets you do this with the click of a button.

Find the instructions on page 78 of our help files:


By the way - YOU (or the form owner) are the form administrator!

This notice appears after you've changed the form but before you reset the database. It's a message to you and your users that the database needs to be updated.
by Monique on Sep 7 2010 11:15pm Reply

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