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Posted in the Screen Protractor Forum.

mac-intel version?

The latest Mac download is still a PowerPC build.  Can you guys compile a native Intel Mac version of the screen protractor?  Its a great tool, but I don't feel like paying for such outdated software that has to run under emulation (with noticeable hiccups and UI delays) and will probably not work with the next Apple operating system.
by Peter Sturdza on Oct 19 2010 9:41pm Reply

mac-intel version?


I'm sorry but at this point we do not intend to compile a native Intel Mac version of Screen Protractor.

by Constantin Florea on Oct 20 2010 6:30am Reply

mac-intel version?

I bought my copy about 3 weeks ago and now find it does not work on the Mac. If you are not going to upgrade, can I have my money back please
by Vincent Cockett on Jul 27 2011 4:53pm Reply

mac-intel version?

Hi Vincent. We are in the process of making a decision about migrating the application to run on Intel Mac. The result of this will be published on the forum of each affected application.

If you want a refund for your order please get back to me (f l o r e a @ i c o n i c o. c o m) with an email message. We will issue the refund as soon as we have your request sent in this way.
by Constantin Florea on Jul 27 2011 7:09pm Reply

mac-intel version?

Thanks for the quick reply. It is a great app and has been incredibly useful for the work I am doing. If you are considering an update, I will hang fire and wait and see what happens
by Vincent Cockett on Jul 27 2011 7:55pm Reply

mac-intel version?

I am also in the same boat.  Please come out with an update for OS X Lion.  The update will be really helpful with my ongoing research project.  Thank you.

by Stephan Yoon on Aug 1 2011 3:55pm Reply

mac-intel version?

Any news update? I am tearing my hair out!
by on Aug 11 2011 11:16am Reply

mac-intel version?

Sorry. Not so far. We'll let you know.
by Constantin Florea on Aug 11 2011 12:38pm Reply

mac-intel version?

Are you coming out with a Lion version, I haven't upgraded for this sole reason.
by Rodolfo Rubio on Jun 15 2012 9:26am Reply

mac-intel version?

I am willing to buy the app from scratch again, but pleas come out with an intel version.
by Rodolfo Rubio on Oct 10 2011 6:34pm Reply

mac-intel version?

Hi. I think it would be a courtesy to potential customers if you made it clear on all downloads and download sites that this product is Power PC only. 


by Ian Morrison on Sep 8 2012 12:37pm Reply

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