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What to extract- error loading rule XML file

I am really angry that twice now I open my data extractor and want to choose what to extract only to see that message at the bar- error loading rule XML file instead of the normal rules, what exactly is wrong can anyone help me to fix the problem 
by Ikenna Adikwu on Nov 3 2010 4:12pm Reply

What to extract- error loading rule XML file


Could you please try an uninstall then a reinstall of the application and then let me know if the application behaves correctly?

Also could you send over to florea@iconico.com a snapshot with the error you're getting?

by Constantin Florea on Nov 4 2010 5:47am Reply

What to extract- error loading rule XML file

I dont know how to get a snapshot, if you can guide me I would try to, anyway yes I have uninstalled and re installed the software a record 12 times now because after one search and I try to do another search, I get Error loading rule XML file at the what to extract column and I really need help if indeed I will enjoy this product
by on Nov 4 2010 6:04pm Reply

What to extract- error loading rule XML file

To make a snapshot, please make sure that the Data Extractor application is started and active then make sure that the section showing the error is visible then press the "ALT" + "Print Screen". This will create in the Clipboard a screen snapshot representing the Data Extractor application window. Then paste this screen snapshot from the Clipboard inside a graphics program of your choice (MSPaint, Photshop or any other will do) and then save it as a file and send it to florea@iconico.com.

I've noticed (not sure though) that you are using Windows Vista. Is this so? If it is then before you make the snapshot, could you please right click the Data Extractor application and select: "Ran as Administrator" and try using the application as you normally would and see if you get the error? Please let me know how this goes.

One question: did you either added, deleted or edited any Data Extractor rules in the "2. What to Extract" tab ?
by Constantin Florea on Nov 5 2010 4:30am Reply

What to extract- error loading rule XML file

was this problem ever sorted out for you and how?

by Sam Johnson on Feb 14 2011 7:17am Reply

What to extract- error loading rule XML file

Hi Sam,

We didn't get an answer back from Ikenna (the author of the original post) but I noticed that I've asked him to ran Data Extractor as administrator. Since he didn't reply back, this could be what fixed his problem. Could you please try doing this and let me know how it goes?

If this didn't work out for you then please let me know your operating system, is it XP, Vista or Windows 7?

Also I've noticed that the error is obtained if the rules.xml file does not exist in the Data Extractor folder (usually this is: C:\Program Files\Data Extractor 3.3)
If the rules.xml file does not exist in your folder then please download the one from here:
by Constantin Florea on Feb 14 2011 10:11am Reply

What to extract- error loading rule XML file

I have the SAME PROBLEM using the software.  I reinstall more than hundreds of time.  The file "rule.xml" is WITHIN the path

C:\Program Files\Data Extractor 3.3

which is the DEFAULT PATH for installation.

Also, not telling the solution publicly on the forum for 2 years is totally NOT HELPFUL.  No snapshot is NOT an excuse!  This problem is a bugs that encountered more than a few number of users!

by Harry Kwok on Jul 1 2013 1:41pm Reply

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