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Posted in the Data Extractor Forum.

Is this possible

I wonder if this can be achieved with Data Extractor:-

I have this folder structure:-

Main Folder 1
-> Sub Folder 1
->-> 001.jpg
->-> 002.jpg
->-> 003.jpg

Main Folder 2
-> Sub Folder 1
->-> 001.jpg
->-> 002.jpg
->-> 003.jpg

I have these excel spreadsheets:-

main.xls -> stores main folder names
sections.xls -> stores sub folder names
data.xls -> stores details of images like their name 001, 002, their path etc

Can this be done with Data Extractor?
by kadrwa badam on Nov 25 2010 11:16am Reply

Is this possible

I assume that you already have that folder structure and you would like Data Extractor to create the Excel files with the contents you've mentioned, right?
If so then I don't think this is possible using Data Extractor.
by Constantin Florea on Nov 26 2010 1:41am Reply

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