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DE not able to extract emails from a pdf file

I have a pdf file with some hundrends emails. I use DE to  load the file and extract the email addresses but it gives 0 results any ideas?
by Nikos Floratos on Dec 16 2010 5:56am Reply

DE not able to extract emails from a pdf file

I don't think DE can extract data from PDF files. What you can do is export that PDF file as a text file (copy everything inside the PDF and paste into a text file) and then point DE to the newly created text file and it will find your data.
by Constantin Florea on Dec 16 2010 10:03am Reply

DE not able to extract emails from a pdf file

I tried that but it didnt work.
I have lots of pdf files and I need to extract the email data for each.
PLease call me or give me a ph# you can be reached at and help me guide through.
I have a project deadline and I bought DE 3.3 just for that purpose so please help me asap.
Noman Sami
by noman sami on Oct 23 2011 11:01am Reply

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