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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Calipers 1.0

Whatever happened to the free Calipers 1.0? Are you still maintaining a download link to it?
by Joy Libe on Oct 1 2007 12:20am Reply

Calipers 1.0

We're up to version 4.0, a lot more features and none of the bugs. If you like the old v1.0 skin you can still get that for version 4.0 here:
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 1 2007 12:27am Reply

Calipers 1.0

Thanks for your reply. In the meantime, I went looking throught your site and found a link to the bugless according to your site version 1.5 at http://iconico.com/caliper/old.aspx. The only improvement I can see is that this version asks for user's email address. What exactly was the bug in #1 anyway?

Quoting the page and the link:

"You may still download version 1.5 of the Screen Calipers. Version 1.5 sports an improved user interface from version 1.0, and fixes all bugs.

Download Version 1.5 http://iconico.com/calipe...ersv15.zip

Please note that to use version 1.5 you must enter your name and email address when the program first starts."

by Joy Libe on Oct 1 2007 1:23am Reply

Calipers 1.0

I apologize. I should have read the rest of that page. Keep up the good work then. May I add that I like the looks of the classic skin ;)
by Joy on Oct 1 2007 1:47am Reply

Calipers 1.0

Version 1.0 is still pretty cool despite the number bug. I wish you'd be a nice guy and fix that bug and keep the app at the 136kB or so. You could call it Calipers 1.0 Fixed and sell it without installer and without themes to tiny app fans like me for whatever you deem reasonable. How about $9.95 since it would only weigh so little? What do you think? Deal?

by Joy on Oct 1 2007 2:26am Reply

Calipers 1.0

Sorry but we've had three versions since then and we no longer support version 1.0. We hope that we've come a long way and the price is worth it. It's not just the one bug we're talking about, we've totally rewritten the application from the ground up several times since.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 1 2007 2:34am Reply

Calipers 1.0

Okay. How about new a streamlined version 5 with the classic look, rewriting the code one more time, this time keeping it under 140kB or so. I am sure a lot of people out there could live without themes if it meant a lightweight application like that, even without installer or anything not altogether necessary. I suppose they could live with $29.95 if it meant they no longer had to put up with clicking on the number dialogue in version 1.0 after each number is entered.
by Joy Libe on Oct 1 2007 8:42pm Reply

Calipers 1.0


Thanks again for posting, we really value your comments. We arrived at the price for the Calipers after a lot of testing of the market, and we feel that the usefulness and usability of the application is fully reflected in the price. If we were to produce a cheaper version with fewer features, something we have considered, we feel that this would undercut our sales and also not garner enough to pay for the development of an additional version. Rewritting the application means several months of development effort and many of our users would be surprized at the complexity of the code given the simplicity of the concept.

The size of the application is still very small and lightweight. In the previous re-writes not only did we add rotation and the support for skins, features that many people asked for, but we also improved the responsivness and fine tuned a multitude of the details in version 1.0.

We have built our application to be as streamlined as we can make it, we do not overclutter the user interface with buttons, and yet we have many powerful features that can be easily accessed. This design has been built on top of the previous versions as we have progressed, learning from user feedback. There are many free rulers out there but only one Screen Calipers, and we intend to move the application forwards, not backwards.
by Nico Westerdale on Oct 1 2007 8:56pm Reply

Calipers 1.0

by Tian Feng on Jan 1 2011 7:11am Reply

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