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Null records written

I am using Windows XP and my host has a Linux server with the eequired versions of PHP and mySQL. THe host is FatCow. After creatingt and publishing a form, the form appears on the screen when called, allows me to enter the information., asks for confirmation and then returns to the form.

The problem is that despite the lack of error messages the email I am sent has no values for the fields and a NULL reocrd is wrutten to the database. When I logon to the admin module it accepts my username and password without erro. It then simply goes back to the logon screen without displaying anything else!

Can anyone help? It is really annoying to bge this close to using what seems like a useful piece of software.

by Ralph Bressler on Jan 27 2011 3:32pm Reply

Null records written

Hi Ralph,

We've investigated these issues you have with SeaGreen but unfortunately we did not reach to a solution for your case. We believe it is some setting made by the ISP which causes these issues to appear. We did encounter cases like this before with some of our customers and these issues were solved when the customers switched to another ISP.

I am sorry that we didn't reach to a positive solution for your case. Our investigation won't stop here. We will make a survey among our customers which had the same issue and then run an in-depth investigation in that part of the source code which could generate these issues.


by Constantin Florea on Jan 28 2011 4:11am Reply

Null records written

I am encountering the identical situation. The hosting server is also Fat Cow, except my OS is Windows 7. With my project deadline slipping, I must solve the problem soon.
by Christine on Feb 14 2011 6:28pm Reply

Null records written

Just a note that Christine was able to get her forms to work. As far as we can tell, she didn't make any changes - FatCow just told her that "the problem had been resolved."

So for those of you on FatCow, you may want to republish your form and check it once more.
by Monique on Mar 8 2011 5:11pm Reply

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