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4.0 incompatible with 64bit Windows 7?

The demo version of 4.0 failed to install with 64 bit Windows 7.  Is this a known incompatibility issue or a problem with my PC?

by Sean Lee on Feb 8 2011 10:08am Reply

4.0 incompatible with 64bit Windows 7?

It should work just fine. Could you please let me know if the installer has shown any error messages of any kind when trying to install it on your system?
by Constantin Florea on Feb 8 2011 11:00am Reply

4.0 incompatible with 64bit Windows 7?

Here's what happens during installation. It goes through install wizard steps fine until at the end, I get an error saying 'unable to update registry - abort.'

I tried running install program as administrator, but still the same issue.
by Sean Lee on Feb 9 2011 5:18am Reply

4.0 incompatible with 64bit Windows 7?

It looks like a Windows glitch. Installation worked after a hard reboot. Thanks.
by Sean Lee on Feb 9 2011 7:05am Reply

4.0 incompatible with 64bit Windows 7?

I have used your screen calipers for years with 100% satisfaction.  As a website developer, using your product is part of my right hand.

Recently upgraded to 64 bit windows7 , and loaded screen calipers.  The standard test I run is to open in photoshop a document of some specific dimension, say 400 x 350.  I find calipers will not measure the document with any degree of accuracy, being off 50 - 75 pixels or more.  I always open the trial document to 100% first, so everything should check out.

Please advise, I am desperate to get calipers working again.


Larry Dixon
by larry dixon on May 3 2011 6:14pm Reply

4.0 incompatible with 64bit Windows 7?

Screen Calipers works under Windows 7 32 and 64 bit operating systems. We have tried what you said: opened several pictures in Photoshop at different dimensions at 100% and every time Screen Calipers measured the width and height of the pictures correctly. The same width and height (in Pixels) were reported by Screen Calipers, Photoshop and Windows.

Can you please ensure that the unit of measurement Screen Calipers is using to measure the document is set to "Pixels" and not a unit you have defined ?

Also to test this further, can you please send us at "florea a t iconico . com" a document which you believe is measured incorrectly by Screen Calipers?
by Constantin Florea on May 4 2011 6:09am Reply

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