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Sea Green For Mac


I'm testing the Demo Mac Version of Sea Green. I'm really interested into buy license, but would like test it before.

I did 2 Form tests, but had always the same error message when I go to the form link :

Fatal error: test: No such part in /myhost/htdocs/test/SG_code/php/sg/run.php on line 87

Can someone help me? cause if I cant get it to work, have to find another way to build up Forms...

Thanks in advance
by Manuel Panzer on Mar 3 2011 1:59pm Reply

Sea Green For Mac

I had the same problem. Turns out the form works when I add a trailing backslash after the .php in the filename like yoursite.com/submitform.php/
by WJ on Feb 23 2012 11:33pm Reply

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