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Screen Protractor iconWork with engineering plans or designs to measure degrees or radians on your screen.

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multi-user license


Could you please address multi-user licensing and other special pricing? (I see that this topic was raised in the past also.)  I am considering whether to purchase this app for 7 to 10 users. (Unfortunately budgets are very tight.)

by M. Genuardi on Apr 4 2011 1:13pm Reply

multi-user license

Hi Mike,

At this moment we are only offering single user licensing for our products but we do have available price discounts based on purchased volume:
1 to 2 copies $29.50    
3 to 4 copies $24.78    
5 to 9 copies $20.65    
10 to 99 copies $19.47    
100 or more copies $9.74 

by Constantin Florea on Apr 4 2011 2:22pm Reply

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