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Short Cut Keys

the short cut keys don't seem to work
when i press ctrl shift O, it doesn't Stop
by Azad Padamsey on Jun 17 2011 1:58am Reply

Short Cut Keys

Can you please make sure the "Enable Key Listener Accross Applications" check box is checked and then press the "Save" button in the Line Reader settings window? Checking that check box means that you enable Line Reader to listen to keyboard presses even if Line Reader is not the active application on screen. This should make the application react to keyboard strokes like CTRL + SHIFT + O, CTRL + SHIFT + F etc.

Please notice that it is important that after checking the check box to press the Save button in the settings window.

Please let me know if this has fixed your issue.
by Constantin Florea on Jun 17 2011 9:09am Reply

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