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Posted in the Magnifier Forum.

RFC: Follow Cursor Option?

Thanks for progging this; I just found it & will def donate if I decide to keep it.

I'm going back to school for some skill set upgrades this fall & my vision is bad; I'll be doing a lot of writing and coding for the next 30 months.

It would be extremely helpful if the magnifier window could be told to follow the cursor while typing - is this possible?

by Brandon Osborn on Aug 2 2011 8:36pm Reply

RFC: Follow Cursor Option?

At the moment, the magnifier window does not follow the mouse cursor. However we have another commercial application called Line Reader in which the window which follows the mouse cursor can be instructed to show a magnified portion of the screen relative to the mouse cursor. The demo version of Line Reader allows you to have a window of 150 pixels in width per 150 pixels in height.
by Constantin Florea on Aug 3 2011 9:32am Reply

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