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Line Reader iconTurn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

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Line Reader 2.2. has been released

Line Reader 2.2 has been released. To update to this new version you will have to quit any previously installed Line Reader version (1.0 or 2.0 or 2.1) if they are running then download and install Line Reader 2.2.

Here are the new improvements implemented in version 2.2:
- the removal of the constraint which made it so that all key combinations are required to be defined
- the global shortcut functionality (with the option to choose between making a key global or not)
- setting the opacity for both the main line and the helper line
- allowing the start and stop functionalities to work on the same key combination
- pressing 'Escape' will close the Magnifier and Measurement windows.

The above were implemented at the request of our customers.

Besides the above functionalities:
- there is a minimal screen shapes functionality integrated which allows you to use existing shapes (circle, rectangle, rhombus, different types of triangle) or to create new shapes. Add them on your screen, duplicate them, change their background color, change background image, change opacity, enable/disable click-through for any shape. Please notice that the minimal screen shapes functionality present in here is also present in Screen Divider http://www.iconico.com/divider/. The screen shapes concept has been taken to a whole new level in the new Screen Shapes application we're going to release later this month allowing much more functionality for a single shape as well as for all existing shapes.
- Line Reader allows you to use side lines (on all four sides of the screen). Each side line follows the mouse cursor but stays attached to its designated screen side (either north, south, west or east).
- the size of the Helper line can now be made as big as you want. There is a proper warning message letting you know why the size of the Helper line is initially limited to 20 pixels.
- in Settings there is now a new Shadow effect which can be chosen for any of the lines. If chosen, the line will appear to drop a shadow on the right and bottom sides.
by Constantin Florea on Sep 4 2011 2:56pm Reply

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