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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Caliper and logger

I have hundreds of digital pics of riverbeds, the camera is pointed vertically downward and I have 2 lasers pointing on the riverbed for scale. I would like to measure the size of individual gravel and cobble. 

I am considering a purchase of the Screen caliper software, I am wondering if the free Logger Software wil records your measurement and allows you to retain an image showing where on the pics you made length measurements, in my case of gravel and cobble. So, I have a record of where I made lenght measurements as wells as the length measured.

Thx, Gary.

by Gary Barton on Nov 21 2011 8:08pm Reply

Caliper and logger

Hi Gary, Screen Calipers only measures distances and the Measurement Logger can receive measurement information from Screen Calipers (or from Protractor or Compass). The Measurement Logger cannot receive image data to associate it with a measurement.

From what you say, I believe that Screen Tracing Paper (available only for Windows, no Mac yet) would be a more suitable tool for you because it allows you to overlay a transparent window which covers everything on your screen. In this transparent window you can add groups of 2 points which will be united by a line. The position of the points would be based on the image you want to measure - just place the image anywhere on your screen and then switch to Screen Tracing Paper (ALT + TAB) and click to add the 2 points. Since Screen Tracing Paper does not show you the measurement between two linked points you would need a measurement tool like Screen Calipers to measure the distance between any two points linked. Screen Tracing Paper does show you the circumference for all existing points so in theory you could find out the measurement for any group by calculating it based on the current circumference shown by Screen Tracing Paper and the circumference of all previous point groups but for better results I do recommend a measurement tool.

Then you need to label those 2 point groups (add a text description - which you can do in Screen Tracing paper) with the distance between the two linked points. Once you have spread your group of 2 points and labeled them with their associated distances you would need to position your pictures on your screen and then you would need to press Print Screen to take a snapshot of the measurement and the picture behind it.
by Constantin Florea on Nov 22 2011 9:17am Reply

Caliper and logger

Screen Measurement Logger can not connect to screen caliper. I have Window 7 operating system. I now see that Screen Measurement Logger has not been released to operate on Windows 7. Can I do something on my end to get this to work?
by Gary Barton on Nov 22 2011 10:03pm Reply

Caliper and logger

The Screen Measurement Logger should work correctly on Windows 7.

Here is what I suggest in your case:
1. First make sure that you are running the application as an Administrator (right click it and choose Run As Administrator). Then see if the application can connect with Screen Calipers.
2. If point 1 didn't work could you please set the Screen Measurement Logger application to run in compatibility mode with Windows XP Sp3? Then do point 1 again.
by Constantin Florea on Nov 23 2011 4:37pm Reply

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