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Line Reader iconTurn your mouse into a helper line, to easily guide your eyes while reading long documents.

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Line Reader Position in relation to pointer

First off, awesome program. Thanks. It makes reading documents much, much easier. Also makes working in Quickbooks much, much easier. I took my laptop to my accountant's office so I could make some changes in Quickbooks during a consultation with her, and she was so impressed with the program that she bought a copy for herself!

Anyhow, one suggestion I have is to make the basic line moveable with respect to the pointer. Kind of like how you can change the distance of the helper line in relation to the basic line, it would be really helpful to change the distance of the helper line from the pointer. I'd like to be able to position the line above or below the pointer and at a settable distance from the pointer. This way, I can click on radio buttons and check boxes and the like and position the line so that it doesn't obscure text that's on the same line as the buttons/checkboxes.

Thanks again for a great program!

by Jason Ashton on Dec 16 2011 9:25pm Reply

Line Reader Position in relation to pointer

Thanks Jason. I've written this feature down and we will definitely add it in Line Reader.

Regarding what you say about obscuring the text: just so you know, at the moment if you set the opacity of the main line to a lower value (say 50%) then you can see the main line and what is under the line. You can set the opacity of the helper line as well.

The current implementation (version 2.6) also allows you to specify whether the main line is above or under the mouse cursor and to do this you need to check the "Use Extra Features" check box and in the Extra Features tab select the Above or Below radio buttons to see this in action (make sure the main line is not flipped). When the main line is flipped (see Flip button) you need to do the above but instead of using Above or Below you need to select Right or Left in the Extra Features tab to see any modifications to the position of the line in relation to the mouse pointer.

Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated.
by Constantin Florea on Dec 16 2011 9:47pm Reply

Line Reader Position in relation to pointer

Thanks for the quick response. I had found and played around with the opacity and the Extra Features. Those both work to a certain extent, but I found I like the line nice and opaque so I can clearly follow it across the screen and placing it above or below the pointer via the Extra Features hardly moves it at all. I was looking for a setting where it could clearly be well under, or over the pointer, by as much as a full line space or two. Thanks for reading my post, responding and more importantly, thanks for considering implementing the change. Great program. I recommend it to people frequently.
by Jason Ashton on Dec 17 2011 6:37pm Reply

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