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Screen Tracing Paper iconTransparent blueprint software for your computer screen that allows you to trace and measure over any application.

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Screen Tracing

Please let me know with which programmes and how to open an exported file as a png graphics or bitmap.

by Michael Wright on Dec 27 2011 8:23pm Reply

Screen Tracing

You could use MS Paint or Photoshop to open both the PNG and BMP file. I've just exported two images (one as PNG and the other one as BMP) from Screen Tracing Paper and I opened them in MS Paint without any problems.
by Constantin Florea on Dec 27 2011 8:55pm Reply

Screen Tracing

Thanks very much for your quick reply
My Paint and photoshop do not recognise the exported file
Maybe I need to reinstall the programme ?

by Michael Wright on Dec 27 2011 9:02pm Reply

Screen Tracing

Could you please try creating a new Screen Tracing Paper sheet, give it a name and add a few points in it then export that sheet? Please let me know if you encounter the issue after doing this.
by Constantin Florea on Dec 27 2011 9:25pm Reply

Screen Tracing

I reinstalled screen tracing and everything is working fine.
Thanks again
by Michael Wright on Dec 27 2011 9:26pm Reply

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