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UniToolbox2.UniTreeView Not Displaying Images

We are updating an existing Microsoft Access application to use the UniToolbox2.UniTreeView object. But we are having a problem with displaying an image with each row / node.

Below is the code that we have written to attempt to display the image.

Treeview1.ImageList = LocImgCtl
Treeview1.Checkboxes = True
Treeview1.Style = tvwTreelinesPlusMinusPictureText

(Where LocImgCtl is an UniToolbox2.UniImageList control.)

What are we missing here?


by Joe F on Feb 14 2012 5:13pm Reply

UniToolbox2.UniTreeView Not Displaying Images

I figured it out after quite some time of looking for a solution.

Set Me.Treeview1.ImageList = Me.LocImgCtl.Object
by Joe F on Feb 16 2012 2:41am Reply

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