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ColorPic iconOur Windows Color Picker tool has an inbuilt magnifier and allows you to save full palettes of colors.

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how to save?

How do you save a palette? When I make one it stays there  in the drop down menu but if I close the program its gone. Also if I try to import the palettes in color pro its just the default palettes that are in the xml file so how do you get your custom palette to save?
by Jeff on Feb 16 2012 6:51pm Reply

how to save?

Regarding your question about saving the palette, I am not sure if you refer to ColorPro or ColorPic, as both have a drop down menu.

For ColorPro: after creating the palette in ColorPro, you should press the "Save Palette" button (under the drop down menu) and the color palette you've created will be saved in the 'Palettes' tab -> 'User Palettes' tab -> Color palettes list.

For ColorPic: you should press the 'New' button first and enter a palette name in the small pop-up which appears. Then start selecting/grabbing colors for your ColorPic palette. When you're done, you can close the ColorPic application. When you open it again the customer palettes in ColorPic are not automatically selected in the drop down menu but you can select them from the drop down menu and make them active.

I am not sure I fully understand your question about importing the palettes in ColorPro so I will explain how importing and exporting of palettes work in ColorPro:
- in ColorPro you can import the ColorPic palettes from the XML file and after the import is complete you will see them as individual ColorPro palettes (because ColorPro stores each palette in it's own XMl file).
- in ColorPro you can select a group of palettes and export them as a ColorPic palette file which you can then access in ColorPic.
by Constantin Florea on Feb 16 2012 8:20pm Reply

how to save?

Thanks, I guess color pick is just buggy because my palette is not in the drop down menu, and I did select new and give it a name. So when I try to import it to PRO so I can get a pick of my palette for PS its not there. Can Color Pro grab colors from anywhere like colorpic? If so I'd buy it.
by Jeff on Feb 16 2012 8:42pm Reply

how to save?

sry it saves it in the drop down in colorpic but when i try to import to pro its not in the xml file. So the palette is not there to import.
by Jeff on Feb 16 2012 8:46pm Reply

how to save?

I just tested this and if you create the palette in ColorPic then select a few colors for that palette and try to import it in ColorPro, the palette won't be imported and this is because the palette you've created is not in the ColorPic palettes XML file (it's not yet written on the XML file from the hard disk). This is because ColorPic did not have time to write this newly created palette to the ColorPic XML file. To have this newly created palette written in the ColorPic XML file you would have to create it, select a few colors for it and before importing it into ColorPro you need to simply select another palette in ColorPic from the drop down menu. It seems that this simple selection of another palette causes the ColorPic XML file to be updated with this last palette you've created.

So in short: before importing the newly created ColorPic palette into ColorPro, you would need to simply cause a drop down menu selection in ColorPic which will make the ColorPic XML file to be updated correctly with all the color palettes.
by Constantin Florea on Feb 16 2012 9:06pm Reply

how to save?

I noticed you said that "So when I try to import it to PRO so I can get a pick of my palette for PS its not there. Can Color Pro grab colors from anywhere like colorpic?"

In the trial version of ColorPro you can import only the first 8 colors from any color palette. So all ColorPic palettes from the ColorPic XML file will all be imported in ColorPro but each will have the first eight colors. The unlocked version has no limitation and it imports all colors for all palettes.

ColorPro can grab colors from anywhere just like ColorPic but the method is different, please see explanation below:
- first you need to create a new ColorPro palette (press the New Palette button either in the 'User Palettes' tab or in the 'System Palettes' tab). You should select a big number of color chips in the palette (perhaps 50) so that you can have a comfortable range in which to select the colors - you can remove any unused color chips later before saving the palette.
- then make sure the 'Selection Frenzy' check box (which belongs to the palette) is checked. This is so that you can keep selecting colors and each new color to be added to the next color chip.
- then open the Magnifier window (from the top menu bar of ColorPro) select the magnification factor and if you want to see a square around the pixel you're going to select check the 'Hi-Lite' check box. Then check the "Pick" check box.
After doing these steps, with every click of the mouse, you will actually select a new color for your palette. To close the color selection mode you need to un-check the 'Pick' check box (from the Magnifier) window. In the end don't forget to save the palette.

ColorPro also has the ability through which you can select any region of your screen and create the color palette of that region. The resulting color palette in this case can be the web safe color palette, or the entire color palette (depending on your choice). To access this functionality, press the 'Select' button from the top bar of ColorPro.
by Constantin Florea on Feb 16 2012 9:35pm Reply

how to save?

Thank you very much I will try this. yes its just the trial version of pro I am using.
by Jeff on Feb 17 2012 3:18am Reply

how to save?

yes, its all working good now I had to reinstall colorpic and it works good now. Thanks!! Just have one more quickquestion about colorpro how do i delete the palettes in the user palettes.

thanks very much!!
by Jeff on Feb 17 2012 12:54pm Reply

how to save?

To delete one or more palettes in ColorPro, you need to select the palettes and then press the "Remove" button. This button can be found beneath the "Search Palettes" section (at the right of the screen).

When you press this button, ColorPro first checks which of the three color palette tabs is active: User Palettes, System Palettes or Recycle Bin and then deletes the selected color palettes from that tab.
by Constantin Florea on Feb 17 2012 1:48pm Reply

how to save?

Thanks very much!! I will defiantly be investing in this program very nice tool and great support too!! Keep up the good work.
by Jeff on Feb 17 2012 3:20pm Reply

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