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Tabbed Page

I'd like to make a tabbed page because of all the fields I need to make.  Is it possible within the controls or would I have to edit the html?
by Fritz Ferrante on Apr 17 2012 6:00pm Reply

Tabbed Page

SeaGreen does not have a way through which you can create a tabbed page.

Please notice this URL (at page 24):
showing the available controls which can be integrated in a form using SeaGreen.
by Constantin Florea on Apr 18 2012 9:16am Reply

Tabbed Page

Thanks for the quick response.  I hope you will continue to develop this wonderful script (so we can have tabs!).  I attempted to use tabber.js, but I couldn't figure out how to add it without resetting the form so had to give it up.  
by Fritz Ferrante on Apr 18 2012 4:06pm Reply

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