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Colors don’t match

If I paint in Photoshop and make a note of the color code eg aa0124 then sample with colorpic it tells me the color is A2012E    if enter that number into Photoshop and paint it is indeed a different color Am I doing something wrong ? or is the colorpic inaccurate

thanks for any info

by Dave Rogers on May 21 2012 11:15am Reply

Colors don’t match

If you are going to select the same pixel then the color definitely will be the same in both applications. I noticed that if I paint in Photoshop using the 'Brush Tool' (please see snapshot below) there are certain regions between that color and the white background of the picture which if sampled will reveal a slightly different color than the color I used to paint. If you still believe that the issue you mention happens and can be reproduced please contact us using this URL:
and send us your email address so we can look into this further.

by Constantin Florea on May 21 2012 1:49pm Reply

Colors don’t match

I definitely am picking what should be the same color I have made a screen capture of what is happening and sent it in a seperate message
by Dave Rogers on May 21 2012 6:33pm Reply

Colors don’t match

The reason you see different colors when picking them up with Photoshop is because of the profile you select when creating a new document in PhotoShop. If you would select the profile called "Working RGB: sRGB IEC61966-2.1" when creating the document then when you're picking them up with the color picker you would see the same colors as ColorPic.
by Constantin Florea on May 21 2012 6:58pm Reply

Colors don’t match

ok thanks
by on May 22 2012 10:18am Reply

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