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ImageFilterPro-v1.1 [Could Not Download] web image

How can I make ImageFilterPro see the same images I see on the web, especially at Google Images, Photo.net, for example?

I used ImageFilterpro-v1.1 to browse to the default Google Image search, but all images found at Google resulted in a [could not download] marker in ImageFilterPro -- I then clicked on an image in Google that lead to the image at Photo.net, and same [could not download] appeared in ImageFilterPro, no images.

I thought that if I can "see it" on the web, then it's already written to my hard drive cache, so why can't ImageFilterPro also "see" the same pictures I'm looking at on the web?

By the way, I tested by browsing to Pinterest.com and did "see" and download images I saw, so my web connection is working.

by Peter Blaise on Jun 13 2012 10:02am Reply

ImageFilterPro-v1.1 [Could Not Download] web image

Same with Facebook.com, for example, none of these pictures show up in ImageFilterPro:

by Peter Blaise on Jun 13 2012 10:23am Reply

ImageFilterPro-v1.1 [Could Not Download] web image

We know of this issue and this does happen for sites which spread loading the images in the web page document. We will address this issue in the next version of the application.
by Constantin Florea on Jun 13 2012 10:29am Reply

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