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Confirmation Email to user

How do I customize the subject line and the confirmation email that gets sent to the customer filling out the form?
by Jen Hyde on Jul 31 2012 6:16pm Reply

Confirmation Email to user

In Step 4: Admin Module, you can customize the subject of the confirmation email (called a "notification" email). Open (expand) the dialog box called "Form Submission Notification" and create whatever subject you would like for this specific form. I would suggest using a phrase that lets you and the customer know which form it was they filled out. For example, "SeaGreen Customer Feedback" might be one example of a good subject line.

Unfortunately, at this time you cannot customize the email itself. We hope to include this in a later version of SeaGreen.

Thank you!

by Monique SeaGreen Developer on Jul 31 2012 9:41pm Reply

Confirmation Email to user

Sorry but this customizes the notification email that I get back.  I would like to customize the subject line of the email that goes to the person filling out the form. Is that possible?
by Jennifer Hyde on Aug 14 2012 4:29pm Reply

Confirmation Email to user

You're right. Sorry!

Currently SeaGreen does not give you the capability to edit the subject line of the email that the end user receives. It will say, "Confirmation of your form submission." We hope to provide this customization option in a future version of SeaGreen.
by Monique SeaGreen Developer on Aug 16 2012 3:49am Reply

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