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Settings Not remembered

I have just purchased screen divider and it seems to be a good concept. However when I start a new divider it does not remember the line lengths and spacings which is a pain. I had set them up in control panel but to no avail.

Can you help?
by Colin Padwick on Aug 8 2012 8:30am Reply

Settings Not remembered

When you select the "Add New" -> "Add New Divider" menu option, the new divider which appears has the properties specified in the Screen Divider control panel. To reach the Screen Divider control panel you need to right click any Screen Divider instance and then choose the "Show Control Panel" menu option.

But you are right, there should be a menu option which would add a new Screen Divider with the exact same properties as the Screen Divider which was right clicked. We will add this in the "Add New" menu and it will be called "Add New Divider With Same Properties".

by Constantin Florea on Aug 8 2012 8:58am Reply

Settings Not remembered

Thanks - it would also be good to be able to set the line thickness as well.

How do I set the default values for a new instance, say for when Screen Divider is first started?
by Colin Padwick on Aug 8 2012 9:20am Reply

Settings Not remembered

You can set the line thickness. To do this simply drag up or down the Width circle (at the left of the big measurement circle which shows pixels, mm, cm, etc). 

Currently, every new Screen Divider instance which appears on the screen gets its settings from the Control Panel window. 

When you modify the settings in the Control Panel window and then you quit the application, those settings will be remembered next time you start the application and the first instance of Screen Divider will show up having those settings. Currently, any other instance of Screen Divider which you add on the screen, has the  settings from the Control Panel window.
by Constantin Florea on Aug 8 2012 9:33am Reply

Settings Not remembered

Thanks, if the line thickness could be added to the control panel as it seems to want to start with fairly thick lines so I have to drag on every instance to make them skinny.

Also most of my problems seem to stem from using the mm units in control panel. The fields are definitely not in mm as the lines turn out to be very short and closely spaced. Centimeters appear to work ok.
by Colin Padwick on Aug 8 2012 10:05am Reply

Settings Not remembered

Thanks for your suggestion about adding the thickness in the control panel.

Based on your comment, I have just noticed that when selecting mm as the measurement unit in the Control Panel window and then when the "Start New Divider" button is pressed, the Screen Divider which appears has a smaller distance (by an order of 10) than the one entered there. So if you would enter 120 millimeters the distance for the new Screen Divider instance would be 12 mm.

In the new version we will do the following:
- add a new menu option called "Add New Divider With The Same Properties"
- we will address the millimeters issue from the Control Panel
- we will add the thickness in control panel so that it will be taken into consideration when a new Screen Divider instance will be shown.
by Constantin Florea on Aug 8 2012 10:28am Reply

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