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feature requests

Hi. Just downloaded screen divider. I'm learning to draw and using digital reference photos. This is going to be a great tool to help me to learn to sight proportions and perspective. I just had a couple thoughts about features you may want to add, if they haven't been suggested yet.

1. The ability to type in precise angles
2. A way to rotate using keyboard shortcuts, similar to how you can use the arrow keys to move SD around now.
3. Subdivisions of each line (similar to a ruler) -- so that you could divide into thirds or fourths etc. These subdivision lines would be shorter in proportion to the primary lines.

Great software! Thanks for putting it out there. It is unique and very useful.
by t c on Aug 26 2012 5:22pm Reply

feature requests

Thanks for your suggestions.

Point 1 is already implemented but in order to type a precise angle you need to select the circle in which the angle is shown and then type the new angle.

Point 2 will be released in a few hours together with a set of other improvements we've been working on this past week. In order to update to the new version you need to simply uninstall the older version and then download and install the new one. The product comes with lifetime updates. You can turn the updates notification process on in the application so that every time a new version comes out the application itself will notify you.

Point 3: I am not sure I understand this: do you mean that the existing Divider lines should have small subdivision lines on them so that they may act as a ruler themselves? A picture would help a lot. You could send us your email here if you want to:
so we may continue the discussion on this and further improvements/ideas you may have.

by Constantin Florea on Aug 26 2012 6:18pm Reply

feature requests

Regarding Point 1: if you select the circle to which the lines are attached and type a number in there you can actually specify the distance between the divider arms this way.
by Constantin Florea on Aug 26 2012 6:21pm Reply

feature requests

All done, please see here:
by Constantin Florea on Sep 3 2012 2:27pm Reply

feature requests

I see no way to "lock" an on-screen Divider in position while leaving it visible on-screen.  I would like to do this, for instance, so that I could single-mouse-click a point on the screen to initiate a rectangular section within my "primary" Windows application, a point that -- not coincidentally -- lies at the intersection of a line from each of two on-screen Divider objects.

Currently, it appears that (one of) the applicable Divider(s) gets focus when the mouse pointer is hovered over any of the Divider lines.  Therefore, any subsequent mouse click is interpreted in the context of the Divider app.  I want to (temporarily) set one or more Dividers to remain visible while NEVER getting focus during any mouse action on or near a Divider line.

My purposes could be met while retaining the ability of the primary on-screen Divider controls (i.e., the aluminum-button-themed controls) to obtain focus upon a mouse hover/click action.  Another possibility would be for Divider to display a persistent "System Tray" icon -- either at all times when loaded, or only when "locked" as I describe above.  This would allow focus-restoration to be performed via that icon, so that even the primary on-screen Divider controls need not get focus upon a mouse hover/click.

Thx in advance for your consideration.
by Mike Weber on Jan 26 2015 2:21am Reply

feature requests

Could you please download the application again:
and right click the Divider (anywhere) and open the "Other Menu Options" menu and access the "Make Divider Click-Through-Able" menu options. This will make click-through-able the top circle (showing the distance) as well as the Divider arms. To make it click-able again you can follow the same path "Other Menu Options" -> "Make Divider Clickable".

You can have as many Dividers as you want on your screen and you can set any Divider the way you want: click-through-able or click-able because this setting is available per Divider.

I believe this new functionality, solves what you write here:
"I want to (temporarily) set one or more Dividers to remain visible while NEVER getting focus during any mouse action on or near a Divider line."
by Constantin Florea on Jan 26 2015 4:25pm Reply

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