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Locate PC upgrade Idea

First of all, Thanks a million for the free locate pc application.. I started looking today for an application like it and am amazed that its free. I also looked at the software list and LOVE the calipers and similiar tools and look forward to purchasing them in the near future.

My suggestion for locate pc is this, Why not add a feature to incorporate gps locations into the reports? there are so many different gps units out there now, even a miniPCI edition now. and a few laptops like panasonic toughbooks and others even have internal gps as an option.

what better way to find your pc than to get the EXACT GPS LOCATION of where it is.. I would actually replace my minipci wireless card with the gps unit and just use the pcmcia slot for a wireless card for the added security... Shame they dont make a combo mini PCI card with wireless and gps combined...
by Bob Loveland on Oct 31 2007 1:01am Reply

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