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Screen Divider 1.6 has been released

Screen Divider 1.6 has been released. To update to this new version you will have to quit any previously installed Screen Divider version if it is running then download and install Screen Divider 1.6.

The new features and improvements in this new version are:

- A new Divider mode called : Circles Around Each Divider Arms (Divider Mode -> Circle -> Circles Around Each Divider Arms) which shows circles having the center at the bottom of each Divider arm and the radius equal to the Divider arm length.
- you can now view the radius of the Divider by calling: Show Other -> Show Divider Radius
- you can now have four small rectangles shown in the angle circle (north, south, east, west) by calling: Show Other -> Show Four Small Rectangles In The Angle Circle. This is usefull to better see which is the angle circle.
- you can now hide or show the Divider name by calling: Show Other -> Show Divider Name
- A set of new properties in the Control Panel window which allow the Divider to be started (when the application starts) using only the two big circles: the one for the distance and the one for the angle. This has been proven usefull in some use cases (like for example measuring the up and down trends).
by Constantin Florea on Sep 9 2012 4:16pm Reply

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