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Stopping Tag Along - Add Image

I am having a problem similar to the previous thread dealing with -- unable to get rid of ADD IMAGE.

Just as in the previous thread -- "If I select the "simple text" then there is this white box next to the cursor.  And if I select the "reminder" there is this reminder next to the cursor.  I cannot get rid of it!  Please help (I hope there is an easy way to turn off "tag along form")
I have been trying the written solution of Simply press the Stop button.  But that doesn't seem to be working for me.  The Stop Button I have been pressing is Red, and looks like there is a Paw print on it.  It is right beneath the Green Start Button.   In my case the Stop button does off the "Line Reader"  long horizontal reading add line that follows the cursor as well.

Exiting and closing Line Reader -- does get rid of the ADD IMAGE tag along.  So I am pretty sure this is related to the Line Reader application.

I am a registered user.  Line Reader version 2.8.  Windows 7 - 64 bit.  Can you help me figure out how to turn this Tag Along off? Am I using the the right Stop Button?
by Robert Warren on Oct 21 2012 7:41am Reply

Stopping Tag Along - Add Image

Could you please download the application from here:

If there are any issues after doing that, please let me know.
by Constantin Florea on Oct 21 2012 9:04am Reply

Stopping Tag Along - Add Image

Thanks.  That fixed the problem.
by Robert Warren on Oct 21 2012 12:54pm Reply

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