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Ctl - G hurts my hand

The difficulty in holding down the control button, then the g button is that it hurts my hand to spread my fingers that far apart. I want to move the mouse in my right hand and pick color with my left. I would have made it spacebar + g. Any plans on changing it to an easier combo?

by Bernie Lee on Nov 4 2007 3:50am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

I have exact same problem. But any key closer than G would help. Thanks! :)
by Skye Hook on Nov 18 2007 8:20am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

Control - S (for select) comes to mind. That works for fifth and third fingers on just about anyone.
by Scott on Nov 28 2007 1:50am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

You could always use two fingers!
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 28 2007 3:01am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

I'd like to see you do it NOT using two fingers!!!
Maybe you mean two hands?
by on Dec 18 2007 7:11am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

Yes I meant that the fingers were on differnet hands, not the same hands.
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 18 2007 10:52am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

We're talking ease of use here, not if it's possable.

How about ctrl-c which has always been used for "copy".
by Gary Wardell on Dec 19 2007 3:38pm Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

or you could just make it a configurable option? ;)
by Kefs . on Mar 17 2008 6:49pm Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

Maybe in the next version, for now wy don't you use two hands!
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 18 2008 10:08am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

Take a 6' piece of coathanger wire. bend a 90 degree angle one inch from each end. Use this tool in your left hand.

Tape a straw to your nose to hit the G.

Hire a Keyboard assistant.

Grow a really long fingernail on your left index finger.

Develop psychic kinetic ability.

Request custom keyboard shortcuts.
by Lee G on Mar 22 2008 1:06pm Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

Rofl! Good ones! Ty for the giggle:)
by Skye Hook on May 15 2008 8:15am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

lololol too funny, i had to laff at that one
by Finally on Aug 23 2014 12:03am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

I use the free RemapperXP.exe to put the CRTL key back where it belongs (under the pinky), making this operation a snap. It's reliable and solid. You can change settings anytime you like in control panel.
by Maurice Miller on May 14 2008 4:22pm Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

Thx for the kind suggestion. But i guess instead of a download that uses disk storage space & have to turn them both on, which I wouldn't do,(heck, I wouldn't even recall what thing to turn on with Color Picker!), Iwill just use whatever seems easiest at that moment.
by Skye Hook on May 15 2008 8:18am Reply

Ctl - G hurts my hand

Why "Ctl - Anything"? I mean where's the eyedropper?
by JB Smith on Oct 11 2009 5:12pm Reply

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