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How do you simply save a few selected images??

Image Pro downloaded and installed fine.  I liked the idea of such an image sponge (basically showing what's held in my Temp Internet files) especially since FireFox makes it nearly impossible to access and edit Temp files.
However, I am baffled both by the atypical, very poorly designed GUI, as well as the apparent lack of a HELP section.
I went to a web site loaded with images. I only wanted to download about 5 images.  So, I clicked those 5 and green checkmarks appeared. Great! 
So, HOW THE HECK do I save just those 5 and where will they be saved? This isn't rocket science, it should be a very simple COPY TO function. 
150+ images were dumped into the MYImages folder, but there is no clear method of deleting all but the 5 I have checkmarked and I definitely do NOT want to "SAVE ALL." The "Save V area" and "Save W area" buttons make no sense and I don't see any "SAVE SELECTED" button. 

by Quill Pen on Nov 24 2012 7:43pm Reply

How do you simply save a few selected images??

Forgot to mention that I realize one can hover over a checkmarked picture and right click "SAVE AS" but that one-at-a-time method seems ridiculously primitive, not even as simple as saving directly from the web page.  FireFox allows for View Image and one can simply drag them one at a time into a folder of one's choosing.

I presumed that the green checkmarks would allow for a global save of images one wants to keep. Saving 5 one-at-a-time isn't a hardship, but imagine if there were 50 or 500.  I presumed the power of this software would be in its efficiency.
by Quill Pen on Nov 24 2012 7:53pm Reply

How do you simply save a few selected images??

You are right, at the moment there isn't a way to save only some of the retrieved images
by Constantin Florea on Nov 24 2012 8:55pm Reply

How do you simply save a few selected images??


Has this requirement been addressed yet? 
I had assumed that the 'filter' ability of the program would al;so extend to using criteria for filtering which images were downloaded.


by Tony Haynes on Feb 19 2015 12:44pm Reply

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