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New Feature - 'Flip Vertical' & 'Flip Horizontal'

I recently upgraded ScreenCalipers from an older version (not sure which) to version 4.0, and I've created a problem for myself in regards to the new rotation features in that it forces me to do a few more clicks and\or keystrokes than I needed to do before. Basically I will rarely if ever use a rotation other than 0 degrees horizontal or 90 degrees vertical (like the old version), so I find myself having to back and forth between locking the rotation and using the options to manually set the rotation to either 0 for horizontal or 90 for vertical. What I'd like to see in a new feature is: either the ability to set a right-click context option to ignore the custom rotation features entirely and use only horizontal & vertical for flip operations (emulating the old version), OR add a button to some skins that simply says 'H' and 'V' and will flip either horizontal or vertical. I use the compakt skins exclusively to save screen space, so it would be great if the left button reading 'C' (which I never use and doesn't do anything when I click it) could instead be the 'H' 0 degree horizontal flip and the right 'C' button could be the 'V' 90 degree vertical flip. I have come close several times to going back to my prior version because all the extra clicking to just get the thing to go vertical or horizontal is driving me crazy.

Thanks for listening!

by Dennis McMahon on Nov 15 2007 6:59pm Reply

New Feature - 'Flip Vertical' & 'Flip Horizontal'

Try double-clicking anywhere on the Calipers!
by Nico Westerdale on Nov 15 2007 9:39pm Reply

New Feature - 'Flip Vertical' & 'Flip Horizontal'

Yahoo! Missed that tip in the help doc. Best of both worlds. I am a happy person now, keep up the good work.
by Dennis McMahon on Nov 16 2007 11:35am Reply

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