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Hi! I downloaded your magnifier from PC World and it is great. Put Microsofts powertoy magnifer to shame. I don't know much about PC so got a question. I downloaded it and clicked the zip file. I couldn't find it on PC till I did a search. The application is in the zip folder but I can't make a shortcut for it alone. All I was able to do was put a shortcut of the zip folder on the desktop. I wanted to put a shortcut of just the applocation and then put it on my taskbar so it is always there when I need it.

I think this little program is very useful. Thanks again.

by Indy on May 26 2005 1:25pm Reply


I'm glad that you like the Magnifier - sounds like it's come in handy for you. The best way to use it would be to open up the zip folder and drag the magnifier out and place it on the desktop or another folder. Then you can create a shortcut in the usual way.
by Nico Westerdale on May 26 2005 1:39pm Reply


What you can also do for quick access is to make a keyboard shortcut to Magnifier. Right-click on the shortcut and pick Properties. Highlight the Shortcut key box and press the key combo you want to use. Best to use is Ctrl plus a function key. So press Ctrl-F1 and it will show up in the box. Now Ctrl-F1 will always bring up Magnifier.
by Sherman Kenney on Apr 8 2006 7:56pm Reply

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