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Hex Number

Am I missing something or what? When I type a decimal number into ColorPic the number I get in the Hex box is NOT the number I calculate. Also if I pick a color and use the Hex number in my application it does not give the correct color. If I use the decimal number it is correct.

by Jim Kueneman on Dec 2 2007 5:44pm Reply

Hex Number

Ok, I think I see but I don't know if this is a "feature" or bug.


8388608 Decimal

ColorPic give me 000080 Hex

But if you do the conversion yourself it equals

800000 Hex Some bytes are swapped. Is this suppose to be like this for some reason?

by JIm Kue on Dec 2 2007 5:51pm Reply

Hex Number

We're probably using a differnet decimal convertion, the hex code is definitly correct. Where exactly are you using the decimal?
by Nico Westerdale on Dec 3 2007 8:57pm Reply

Hex Number

BGR vs RGB colors. The first and last bytes need to be swapped... always. Nothing new.
by Ken Halter on Jul 14 2008 12:42pm Reply

Hex Number

The majority of designers use RGB and not BGR, so that's what we use in ColorPic.
by Nico Westerdale (Test) on Jul 14 2008 1:34pm Reply

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