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measuring at 200% and milimeters

I want to be able to get accurate measuerments when I view images at 200%. Do the calipers make an adjustment when the view size is enlarged? Also, is it possible to measure things in millimeters instead of centimeters? I have already purcahsed the program.
by Jennifer W on Jun 1 2005 8:20am Reply

Measuring at 200% and milimeters

I'm glad that you're getting good use from the program - and you'll be happy to know that there is a way to customize the Calipers to measure in the way that you want.

First of all it's important to know that the Calipers runs as a separate application. I'm not sure what application you're using to view your images, but it could be any. With version 3.1 the Calipers application has no way of knowing if what zoom factor you are measuring, so it will not update.

To configure the Calipers to measure millimeters open the 'Calibrate Units' window from the 'Units' menu. rename one of your custom units to 'Millimeters' and enter in:

One Unit Equals 960 pixels Divided by 254

You can then use the new unit and change to it at any time from the units menu.

To measure at 200% you will also need to define a new custom unit for that magnification factor. If you wanted to have a unit called 'Millimeters at 200%' and enter

One Unit Equals 960 pixels Divided by 508

Note that 508 is double the 254 value we used above.

Configuration can be a little technical with these numbers, but the Calipers has been designed to be totally customizable to any scale that you need.

There's more information on how to set the correct conversion factors here:
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 1 2005 8:48am Reply

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