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Screen Calipers iconThe accurate way to measure on a screen, at any angle in pixels, inches or any unit.

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Applicability to graphs

I'm an EE, so screen calipers principally serve me as a means of pulling data from graphs.
Unfortunately, most of my work still has to be done by hand because I cannot scale the calipers (I may be wrong on yours) or calibrate them to read logarithmic scales.
I would surely love to see a product that would allow me to select linear or logarithmic for each axis and enter a couple of points on each axis so that it may learn the scaling.
The only caliper that would be more sexy, and this is by a fine shade, is one that would allow me to rotate the axis so that it aligns with misaligned documents (yes, there are still a few of those...).
Such a product would be a fine place to invest $30, and I'm sure the other graybeards would find it useful as well.
    Best Regards,
    - Mike Fortner

PS - Make one that reads radial (distance versus angle) and the optical guys will love you.  Make something that will draw arcs over the page, and the RF guys will probably like that.
by Michael Fortner on Jun 5 2013 9:19pm Reply

Applicability to graphs

Our screen calipers rotate fully through 360 degrees.
They don't have a logarithmic scale though.
by Nico Westerdale (Test2) on Jun 20 2013 9:03pm Reply

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