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Thanks for Nothing

I'm EXTREMELY DISAPPOINTED in Iconico.  I was one of the early adopters of your Screen Measurement Pack for Mac and like everyone else, was left out in the cold when Lion came out.  My work around is running the windows versions under Parallels on my MBP but I prefer native OS apps.  Now Lion is gone and Maverick is here and STILL no upgrade is being offered by Iconico.  You had a great package and many loyal followers but you seem to have tossed us out like and with the garbage.  Thanks!  I bet you could even find some folks that would sign a NDA and do the porting for you for a small royalty fee.  But just to first promise us you are looking into it and hope to support Lion, to dead quiet for over a year on the subject, is nothing more than disrespect for loyal customers.  Shame on you!!!
by Robert Loesch on Nov 13 2013 7:56pm Reply

Thanks for Nothing

I am sorry for the delay regarding the migration. We are working on making the Mac measurement tools run on the latest version of Mac OS X.
by Constantin Florea on Nov 13 2013 8:53pm Reply

Thanks for Nothing

I really hope that is true.  Please give us OS owners a carrot now and then so we don't feel forgotten.  Any timeframe?  Hopefully not another empty promise like those before of a similar nature.  With a wait going on 2 years now, I sincerely hope there will be an upgrade path for us Mac owners.
by Robert Loesch on Nov 13 2013 10:24pm Reply

Thanks for a great product

I'm ready to buy the whole suite for Mac. It worked great on my older OS version, I've recommended it highly to folks with older 32-bit versions, and encourage you to bump up the priority. A lot of machinists would like to have these for their Macs.
by dp on Nov 15 2013 9:58pm Reply

Thanks for Nothing


please do create the newer version of Mac. I sue it SOOOOO much. I am a designer and your tool is amazing

I am aware it's not your fault that Apple comes up with updates. I understand development costs money. I would be willing to pay extra to get this excellent tool updated. Please keep us posted on this.

by Andy Bridges on Nov 18 2013 5:50pm Reply

Thanks for Nothing

It seems that Ionico is not interested in gaining new customers. Now it's July 2014 and still there's only a Mac version for PowerPC available. Too bad, it seems that they don't move with the times... :(
by Michael Singer on Jul 16 2014 4:44pm Reply

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