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Nico - Where's your artwork?

Hello Nico,

While I love your software, something that has brought me back to your site over the years has been visiting your various art projects pages. Any chance you still post them on a personal site?

And hey - whatever happened to my idea for a registry editor and cleaner?


by Tag on Jan 28 2008 2:35pm Reply

Nico - Where's your artwork?

Well thanks so much Tag - I have been meaning to create a person site for my artwork but I simply have not found the time to do it. We've been so busy here, but I will get to it!
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 28 2008 2:40pm Reply

Nico - Where's your artwork?

Please do, Nico - even if only to put up some of the older projects. Once done, will you post the link in your newsletter, or at Iconico, or ... ?

Also, I hope that now that you've become a big software dude you're still making new art! Congrats on your growing business, by the way.

Kind regards,
by Tag on Jan 28 2008 3:12pm Reply

Nico - Where's your artwork?

FYI My artwork is now up at:

by Nico Westerdale on Nov 15 2008 4:24pm Reply

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