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ScreenCalipers 3.1 is pegging CPU

Upgraded a few months back to SC3.1 because I used the older version A LOT.

When I run SC3.1, my CPU usage pegs and drags performance to a stumbling crawl. My workstation is a 2.7ghz, .5g ram with just a hand full of webdev apps running. --without SC running, my cpu idles at 10%.

Any insights would be gratefuly accepted.

- - -
by Micke Barnes on Jul 18 2005 3:56am Reply

ScreenCalipers 3.1 is pegging CPU

Hi Micke,

You might want to try adjusting the setting under the 'quality' menu. If you have high or 'high with smooth edges' selected then drop back down to 'normal' and you should see an improvement. You should also exit and reopen the application after you do this and it will free up some more resources.

The high quality settings do take up more resources and they are doing some pretty hefty graphics manipulation behind the scenes.

If you have further problems then please post again.
by Nico Westerdale on Jul 18 2005 8:31am Reply

ScreenCalipers 3.1 is pegging CPU

That was it.. thank you very kindly for your responsiveness.. and these really awesome tools.

- - -
by Micke B on Jul 18 2005 9:54am Reply

Odd Odd Forum event...

I just recieved a notice had been posted to this thread dated (1/11/2006) when in fact.. replies had been posted since July18 of '05.

just an FYI if someone's having a go at the forum code.
by Micke Barnes on Jan 11 2006 12:42am Reply

Odd Odd Forum event...

That's due to the new message, it's actually above this one beneath your original post. I'll sort out the order code which is incorrect.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 11 2006 12:45am Reply

ah yes...

ah there it is.. no worries.. thanks tons for the FTL respsonse.
by Micke barnes on Jan 11 2006 12:54am Reply

Odd Odd Forum event...

FYI: The order of messages on the forums has now been adjusted so they appear in the correct date order.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 21 2006 12:43pm Reply

ScreenCalipers 3.1 is pegging CPU


You may want to try downloading our new version 3.3. We've done a lot of work improving the speed of the application so that the high quality option does not slow down the machine.
by Nico Westerdale on Jan 10 2006 10:41pm Reply

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