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Printing With Screen Calipers

We are using Screen Calipers 4.0, and are very happy with it. However, I have one question: Is it possible to have the Screen Calipers appear on a printout? We measure items under a microscope, then take measurements using Screen Calipers. It would be great to have the Caliper(s) show up in the printout. Print Screen works, but always reduces the resolution of the image, which is unacceptable. Any help is appreciated.
by John Crocker on Mar 4 2008 11:05am Reply

Printing With Screen Calipers

Sorry but you would have to do a Print Screen. The applicaiton with the image in it does not know about the Calipers, so it can't print it.

Your alternative would be to do a Print Screen and import that into your grpahics application, cut out the Calipers, scale and move it to the right place.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 4 2008 1:15pm Reply

Printing With Screen Calipers


I had a similar problem wanted to print the measuring device
I have overcome the problem I use a small program called clipmate

it is a clipboard manager you can manage all your clips etc
they have built in the programme a screen capture tool you just select the area
and the programme captures everything within your selected area
you save your image you can either print it straight out or paste it into another application

if you would like a step-by-step procedure sent me an e-mail and I will make a PDF file with the full instructions

www. weather-above.com
by Michael Parry-Thomas on Mar 14 2008 8:25pm Reply

Printing With Screen Calipers

hi everybody

I have just done an update on my webpage I have put together the procedure
for printing and capturing the measuring tools please go to the following link for this information I hope this is helpful


by Michael Parry-Thomas on Nov 22 2008 1:12pm Reply

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