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Great Software

Just a note to say that I purchased the package with the calipers, protractor, and compass. They exceeded my expectations using them with Xara Xtreme! They saved me hours of trial error and helped me get the exact (dead on...might I add) measurements and angles to duplicate some studio equipment racks.

The racks have several unusual angles. I had been working on the blueprints for several days and couldn't get it right until I used your software to help me see where I was screwing up. Thanks again.

- Michael Hughes, Blackwater Productions, Athens, Ga.
by Michael Hughes on Mar 6 2008 9:50pm Reply

Great Software


I'm not certain if this is the correct way to put a message up in the forum.....but.....here goes:

I have to say that I agree with you completely.  So much software on the internet is sub-par; even if it works as claimed, it doesn't seem professional, is difficult to stare at for hours while it is being used, etc.

All the software products I have seen from Iconico are absolutely brilliant, beautiful, and easy to look at.  There is so much functionality in each one, it may take me a few days of use to become proficient and comfortable with it, but that is true of any software: good software takes time to learn to use quickly and with confidence; bad software takes even more time to learn and then discover it isn't working correctly, or is otherwise causing problems, and it can be literally sickening to stare at for more than a few minutes!

Great job, Iconico!  I will use your products whenever possible, over any others I have found, so far.  I am not a software aficionado, but I have seen a lot of software over the past forty plus years I have worked in the PC business....

Larry Holmes
LightSpeed Technologies
by Larry Holmes on Feb 18 2011 4:26am Reply

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