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Posted in the SeaGreen Forum.

Ability to add extension code to form processing

I currently use Simfatic Forms, and am very pleased with it.
One of the features it has is the ability to add custom code that executes at various points in the processing, such as Before Form Load, After Form Processing, etc.

Does the SeaGreen form program have a similar capability?

by Glenn C on Dec 29 2013 6:40pm Reply

Ability to add extension code to form processing

SeaGreen does not natively have this ability. However, you should be able to insert similar code via the Code Editor. You would just want to keep a record of your code so you can re-insert it if you change the form in the Form Layout step.

Thank you for your message, however! We're always looking for feature ideas for new versions (and pro versions) of SeaGreen.

by Monique on Dec 30 2013 12:12am Reply

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