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Posted in the Screen Tracing Paper Forum.

STP - "Points" lost across saves?


I'm a new user of STP 1.0 and have found what looks like a buglet. If I do these steps:

1. Launch STP
2. Start a new sheet
3. Add a polygon (3 or more points)
4. Save the sheet
5. Close STP
6. Launch a new instance of STP
7. Load the sheet from Step 4

then the "Points" count field is 0. Circumference and area are preserved across saves/restarts but it looks like STP is counting points only during the current session.

Bug? Feature? I have before-and-after images if you like.
by Jeff Quade on Mar 18 2008 1:46pm Reply

STP - "Points" lost across saves?

One man's bug is another's feature. We list the number of points in the current polygon as it's being drawn, but you raise a good point. We'll look at it again in the next version.
by Nico Westerdale on Mar 18 2008 1:58pm Reply

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