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Configurable points for ultimate measurements.

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Points On A Canvas version 1.0 has been released

Points On A Canvas 1.0 has been released. Here is the list of features in version 1.0:

- Measure distances between the clicked points.

- Compare selected lines.

- Define your own measurement units.

- Load a background image on the canvas to work on it.

- Add and work with point based shapes.

- Add and work with draggable shapes.

- Define your own workflows

- Activate the grid-view.

- Specify how the text information for a point is rendered on the canvas.

- Drag the canvas anywhere you want.

- Set the transparency of the canvas.

- Make the transparent invisible while the points on the canvas as well as the distances between them remain visible.

- Take snapshots of the entire canvas.

- Use the magnifier.

- Save the entire canvas (points and background image).

- Change the size of the canvas.

by Constantin Florea on Jan 30 2014 1:59pm Reply

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