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Help in naming colors

I am not a web designer, but mainly use ColorPic to analyze pictures to determine exactly what colors are being used in paintings and so forth.   

A big issue for me is figuring out if the color I'm looking at has some kind of conventional name, or is a variant of a color with a conventional name.     Sometimes I'll say a color is something like "whitish-greyish orange-ish yellow", which is awkward.   

I wish ColorPic could show you the nearest conventionally named colors to the one you've picked.     In other words, I'm a bit surprised that if you select something Navy Blue in ColorPic, the term "Navy Blue" doesn't appear on the interface.

My current process is to get the color number using ColorPic, then paste it into encycolorpedia.com, which has a section called "Related Named Color".     This is helpful -- I can see if the color I've chosen is similar to a named color.     But often the color names used are so obscure as to be useless.     Examples: "NVIDIA", "ASDA", "eBay" are color names.    

I'd like to name a color in a meaningful way, rather than say, "It's a dark shade of eBay green."   

I wonder if ColorPic could also show named related colors, but use only conventional color names, such as those found on crayons.

However, even if Color pick could just imitate the "Related Named Color" section of encycolorpedia, it would be helpful.

Kurt B.
by Kurt Baumgarten on Mar 7 2014 8:51pm Reply

Help in naming colors

I've noticed there's been no reply so far.    I did note that if your selected color is a websafe color, the name will appear.    But if it is even slightly different than a websafe color, no name appears.

The feature I'm suggesting is to display the *nearest* named color, or colors.

If I use ColorPic on this forum page, the color names don't appear in most cases.   For example, if I select the words to the left that are in blue, no color name appears.  

If I enter the Hex value for the text color used to the left on encycolorpedia, I get this page:


All kinds of data is available, but what interests me are the "Related Names Colors" section.

Even a simplified version of this based on the color names listed in Wikipedia would be great.    Examples of blue shades are listed here:


If you use only a page like this, you have to manually search for the nearest named color, which in this case is Denim Blue.


Kurt B.

by Kurt on Aug 15 2014 6:02am Reply

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