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Won't Install on Windows 7 32 bit machine

I am trying to install Screen Caliper 4.0 on a Windows 7 32 bit machine and am getting the error "Failure while trying to install file \Iconico\config\distances.ini" at the 86% completion mark.  Has anyone seen this error or know how to fix it? 
by Chris Elias on Apr 8 2014 4:37pm Reply

Won't Install on Windows 7 32 bit machine

Here are two solutions to the issue you mention:

Solution 1: Could you please uninstall Screen Calipers then restart your computer and after it restarted try installing Screen Calipers again but make sure you have administrator rights this time while installing it (or right click the installation file and run it as 'Administrator').

Solution 2: Here are the instructions updated for “Screen Calipers”:

1. while installing when it fails do not abort yet

2. goto C:\Program Files\ (or to the folder where the program is installed)

3. and copy the Screen Calipers 4.0 folder to somewhere in another folder let’s call it folder BACKUPFOLDER_FOR_SC

4. now click the abort and after that, copy back (the Screen Calipers folder which you copied at point 3 into BACKUPFOLDER_FOR_SC) to C:\Program Files\Screen Calipers 4.0

5. and then create yourself a shortcut from Calipers.exe


by Constantin Florea on Apr 8 2014 5:07pm Reply

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