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Posted in the ColorPic Forum.

where are custom palettes stored?

I love the ColorPic tool. I sometimes work on my desktop (xp) and other times on my Vista laptop. I would like to be able to "synchronize" the palettes on the two machines.

I've looked at the xml files on both machines and neither refernces custom palettes that are available from the drop down menu. Where is this information stored?
by Marj Wyatt on Jun 14 2008 5:32pm Reply

where are custom palettes stored?

Yes the colors and palettes are stored in the xml file, and you can quite easily move that between machines. I'd advise making sure that ColorPic is not running when you do this.
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 16 2008 4:34am Reply

where are custom palettes stored?

I believed that was where they would be stored but, as I mentioned in my initial post, there is no evidence of the palettes I've created and stored in the XML file named palettes. I just tried renaming the file on my local machine and copying over the one from my laptop and it is the generic palette. No inclusions from me. I have at least six different and unique palettes associated with websites I have created.

Have you got another answer for me?
by Marj Wyatt on Jun 25 2008 4:30pm Reply

where are custom palettes stored?

The palette file is stored at:
C:\Program Files\ColorPic 4.1\palettes.xml

If you make sure colorPic is closed and then copy it over it will work fine.
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 25 2008 5:18pm Reply

where are custom palettes stored?

I have done this. I have renamed the other palettes.xml file and copied the new one into the executable directory. When I open the copied file, it is the generic palette file and not the file with my customized palettes. I am not sure why this isn't getting through to you. The palettes.xml file in the executable directory does not have the names associated with my custom palettes, therefore, the one that I copy in does not have the custom palettes.

Where ELSE might this information be stored?????????
by Marj Wyatt on Jun 26 2008 3:40pm Reply

where are custom palettes stored?


the program was not open on either machine when I did the renaming and copying
by Marj Wyatt on Jun 26 2008 3:41pm Reply

where are custom palettes stored?

I honestly don't know what to say, that's where the palettes are stored. I wrote the application myself, so I can assure you that they are not stored anywhere else. Are you sure that you don't have multiple ColorPics on your machine?
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 26 2008 4:45pm Reply

where are custom palettes stored?

In desperation this morning, I did a full search for the file name: palettes.xml. I found one where I had been looking and you had been suggesting, but another showed up which was larger in size with a newer date.

It appears that Vista stores the working files (palettes.xml and ColorPic.ini) in the user directory using a path something like this:

c:\Users\user-name\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\ColorPic

I swear on the graves of my forefathers that I didn't do anything different during installation on Vista than I had done on XP. I guess Bill's team decided that application data needed to be in hidden files that only users could access.

Thanks for wondering about this with me. I still love the tool!
by Marj Wyatt on Jun 28 2008 9:10pm Reply

where are custom palettes stored?

Well done tracking this down Marj! We still do most of our work on XP, as do a lot of tech people soforgive my oversight with Vista. It looks like MS does some sneaky things with the file system.
by Nico Westerdale on Jun 29 2008 7:20am Reply

where are custom palettes stored?

You're welcome! As I have long said, perseverance is the key to success!
by Marj Wyatt on Jul 4 2008 5:06pm Reply

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